The art of tailoring finds a new haven of excellence in the recently unveiled BARBARA BUI COSTUMES “Suits” collection. Sharply defined lines in reworked volumes, natural fabrics, and sartorial finishes borrowed from the masculine tailoring heritage offer a drastic new take on elegance.


Barbara Bui’s androgynous twist feminizes the masculine suit, infusing the spring-summer silhouette with unprecedented elegance. Meticulous finishes, sharp cuts, and comfort favour movement for an unparalleled allure. The Maison spirit unmistakably shows from the first intention to the final making.


Oversized double-breasted jackets, fitted straight jackets, 7/8 cigarette trousers, or wide pleated pants pay homage to the richness of BARBARA BUI’s stylistic vocabulary.
Worn boldly loose or semi-fitted, oversized jackets with renewed styles audaciously play with tomboy codes while trousers give way to shorts, dramatically elongating the leg.


Crafted in ateliers specialising in men’s tailoring, BARBARA BUI COSTUMES pieces adopt the distinctive finishes of these coveted classics. Fabric selection and cutting, canvassing, stitching … these creations perpetuate the excellence of European craftsmanship. Coloured lining, inside ticket pocket, flashy pink calligraphic label, inner construction and pockets highlighted with piping testify to pure attention to detail, even the most discreet.

Stylish nod, our iconic removable silver metal piercing recalls Barbara Bui’s taste for rock influences.


Cotton poplin shirts, suit jackets, waistcoats, and trousers come together in a versatile wardrobe rich in mix-and-match proposals. Suit waistcoats can be worn alone, as a second skin, or elevate the classic three-piece suit. Alongside masculine fabrics reworked in soft colours such as chalk beige, taupe grey, or pastel pink, vibrant Malabar pink asserts a daring touch