{ LEATHER ASSET }, n – Leitmotiv of the collections, the leather jacket is amongst the references of the BARBARA BUI style. Unconventional, irreverent, pluralist, this iconic piece is a wardrobe staple, season after season. Sensual touch, new fluidity, body-hugging lines: leather becomes revealing. Double-breasted or tuxedo, the leather jacket outlines an assumed tomboy look when worn next to the skin. 

  • Leather asset

{ PANTS }, npl – An attitude: spontaneous. The lines: straight to the point. Epicenter of the BARBARA BUI wardrobe, trousers dictate the look. Since the early starts of the brand, the traditional waiter trousers (i.e. “garcon de café”) are revisited to become more sensual. It represents the mix of genders dear to the designer. It is feminine and masculine at the same time, like the BARBARA BUI attitude. Timeless, but surely not conservative.

  • Pants

{ BOOTS }, npl - BARBARA BUI’s boots sign a distinctive attitude. Western boots with rockabilly vibes, Mod’s inspired combat-boots, they are available in smooth or patent leather, black or white, flat or high-heeled for a rock, confident, iconic and firmly urban look.

  • Boots

{ JACKET }, n - Essential to the BARBARA BUI wardrobe, the jacket defines the look. Object of emotions, it draws a silhouette. “I am always looking for an emotion, even subtle, and then clothes become an endearing object.” Cropped spencer, satin tuxedo, embroidered graphic blazer, suits in vibrant colors: the jacket is plural and always recreated. Sharp shoulders, graphic proportions, straight lines: it sculpts the silhouette. A special attention is brought to the lining for the inside to be equally appealing as the outside. Nothing affected or overrated: “I prefer evolutions to revolutions: my clothes are designed to last over time.”

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