Gone are the days of autocentric collections revealed all at once. The two main annual seasons are now segmented in line with an innovative narrative framework illustrating Barbara Bui's emotions and state of mind. The collections are divided into separate stories, distributed like the episodes of a series. A new format that provides multiple viewpoints… The families of pieces are meticulously selected by the designer according to the "story" envisioned. A title sets the tone for each episode: "Tailoring in technicolor", "Effortless chic”, "Black light", and so on. “Fashion is also a matter of feelings. This new concept means that we can convey more powerful, meaningful messages."

As a long-time advocate of responsible consumerism and a creator of timeless pieces, Barbara Bui continues to give meaning to her style and creative process, embracing a totally new way of doing things. Faced with today's illogical fashion cycles, Barbara Bui proposes a new reality so that customers can find what they need when they need it, in the physical store and e-shop alike. “Dressing is never futile," says the designer who has always wanted to dress men and women "in real life”. The collections are divided to reflect the different seasons.

  • Barbara Bui “Croix Rouge” - 1 rue de Grenelle

  • Barbara Bui "Croix Rouge" - 1 rue de Grenelle

"A MONTH, AN EMOTION". To illustrate this new narrative concept in the shop, a new inspirational theme will be unveiled once a month – or more precisely, every three weeks – to give impetus to the narrative. The appearance of the digital wall in this new setting will alter with each change of theme. Emotions and ready-to-wear merge in a single movement. The image creates the atmosphere in an amalgam of architectural, colour and design influences, urban and plant references and abstract or figurative impressions. A "curating" approach that blurs the boundaries between shop and art gallery. The result is a sales area with a new, fresh energy, full of discoveries and surprises.

  • Barbara Bui “Croix Rouge” - 1 rue de Grenelle

A TOTALLY "PHYGITAL” 360° VISION. This new concept is present not only in the shop but also online, in the social media and the e-shop. Like the wall in the shops, the online content evolves and then disappears. This is the beauty of the transient. Introduced into the shop in central St Germain des Prés, this concept will soon be extended to the store in Avenue Montaigne.